Why p2pb2b Is the Best Platform to Trade Edinarcoin


Today, there are a lot of exchanges and small companies that offer you services for exchanging fiat money and cryptocurrencies, as well as for trading on their platforms. However, the majority of such business companies charges exorbitant fees, regularly become targets of hacking attacks and suffer from slow execution of orders. All of these things have nothing to do with the p2pb2b exchange, where you can earn due to the lowest fees and take part in referral competitions. You like having fun while trading, don’t you?

The p2pb2b crypto exchange is one of our best partner platforms for buying and trading Edinarcoin on favorable terms. The platform offers a wide range of opportunities both for individual traders and businesses so every player of the crypto market is able to take advantage of the exchange that responds to their needs and requirements.

P2P codes

In this section, you can create your unique codes for making zero-fee transactions. Just choose one of the available currencies and generate a code for a transaction.

Lower Fees

Here, users will need to pay only 0.2% from any of their trading transactions. This makes it easy to calculate your trading costs and prevents any unfavorable surprises if you prefer to trade daily and make a profit.

When you deposit the funds to your exchange account, you’ll need to pay the deposit fee that also compares favorably against other companies’ fees on the market. Here’s the fee schedule for your convenience. You can find this table in the FAQ section on the website.

Picture: Fee Schedule on

Fast Operations

We all know that the registration process and KYC procedures can take a long time when registering at the crypto exchanges. The registration process on the p2pb2b exchange completely differs as your information will be processed and KYC will get done merely within 24 hours.

In addition, the company offers 24/7 live chat support in 8 languages and is ready to answer any of your questions that might arise on the spot. Starting from now, you are welcome to ask our team directly any questions you have. We are waiting for your message after this article has been read! Don’t let us down, alright? 😉

The platform’s structure enables great resilience to large numbers of transactions with the failover threshold at 10,000 transactions per second which is pretty high and it might take several years to reach it. This is of extreme importance since these level can be easily reached at major exchanges with a large number of users. During hot trading periods this can cause a significant risk to your trading operations or even set the grounds for a financial catastrophe with your orders not being executed. Choose a secure platform with virtually no risk of your orders being frozen.

Powerful Referral Program

The referrals can be a great side your job that makes your trading days much more fun and helps build a community of congenial traders around you. The p2pb2b team knows that and offers a strong referral incentivization system thanks to which you get 50% of your trading fees after you have invited 10 referrals (the first level referrals and the referrals of referrals). These conditions relate to the period, during which you continue to take part in the referral game.

The meaning of the referral game is that you’ll need to make any type of action at the platform every day. This can be a deposit, an order opened or withdrawal made. At the end of the season, there will be 5 winners who will receive hefty prizes. Learn more at the referral game page.

As you can see, the p2pb2b platform can be a great choice if you are looking for safety, security and fast executing your orders. Follow the latest news on Telegram and Facebook.

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