Vote for Edinarcoin on Bibox


Dear friends!

Support our coin by voting on the BIBOX exchange via the link.

To participate in the voting, you need to deposit the exchange’s coin, BIX, into your account on


1. You need to register an account on Bibox.
2. Verify your account.
3. Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat money into your account.
4. Place orders to buy BiboxToken (BIX) and take note that 1BIX = 1 Vote. Buy as many tokens as you want to give us votes. 1BIX = $0.1322
5. After the orders have worked, you need to select “Vote” in the upper left corner.
6. Find EDR in the list.
7. Opposite EDR, click the “Vote” button and give us as many votes as you like.

Attention! One user can vote for 1 project no more than 3 times!!!

Thank you for your active participation in the project!

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