Tyler Sanford Becomes Edinarcoin Advisor


Our team has amazing news! Tyler Sanford, the blockchain professional working around the world, has joined our project. Tyler graduated from New Orleans University and has a seven-year successful experience in the fintech marketing field. His experience and a real passion for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency allowed him to become one of the most successful marketing consultants and ICO advisors in the blockchain industry.

Tyler has a large track record: ICO advising, marketing, bounty campaigns, ICO management, outreach community, branding, social media campaigns. In addition, he has conducted a large number of successful ICOs and bounty campaigns.

Tyler Tyler Sanford is an IT evangelist and believes in the successful development of blockchain technologies around the world.

We asked him to say a few words about Edinar and its role in the blockchain industry:

“As a professional in the blockchain industry, I’m always looking for new and innovative projects. When I came across Edinar I was excited to see that they are helping both the blockchain space and the world we live in. I’m excited to be part of the Edinar team and spread the awareness of how the project is helping everyone. Edinar plans to expand their community to over 1 billion participants and I look forward to helping them reach that goal”.

Tyler carefully chooses projects with which he collaborates and believes in the ideas and perspectives of the team he joins.

We are pleased that professionals of this level pay attention to our project and are ready to develop it together.

Follow the news, this is just the beginning!

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