The Bitcoin Crisis Is an Opportunity for Edinarcoin Users!


Transfer your assets to Edinarcoin in the background of the Bitcoin decline and preserve your assets!

Edinarcoin provides all investors and cryptocurrency holders with a unique opportunity to transfer their assets to Edinarcoin storage. By taking this action, members of a crypto market will not only preserve their assets, but also increase their capital thanks to the existing Edinarcoin mining operation!

Step-by-step instruction

1. From the list of existing exchanges choose the most convenient for you. At the moment, buying EDR is most profitable on one of the largest trading platforms, IDAX, which has a + 5% bonus to the amount of the purchase.

2. Next, you need to transfer Bitcoin to the wallet of your account on the exchange and make an EDR purchase.

3. After that, you need to transfer the purchased amount in EDR to your Edinarcoin wallet to start mining coins, which will operate automatically after funds are credited to the wallet.

4. Done! Keep your wallet open for mining to receive permanent rewards, and make a profit!

Edinarcoin is one of the most unique asset retention tools! Do not miss the opportunity to increase your finances!

Join the Edinarcoin team and live comfortably!

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