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Road map
This roadmap is a general concept of the further development strategy of the E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency for the coming year.
There are many interesting and important changes in the plans, the most significant of which are presented in this list.
We hasten to remind you that a variety of factors can influence the consistency and timing of each of the changes. The implementation of some items from the list may take longer, while others will be launched earlier than indicated on the road map.
The order of implementation may vary, but in general the development concept includes each of the listed points.
Every event is a new step to success and we do it together!
September 2016 Launch
October 2016 Getting the expansion of the geography of markets
November 2016 EDC is traded on four international markets
December 2016 Updating the production algorithm
January 2017 Strengthening the legal status of E-Dinar Coin
February 2017 Entering new markets in developing countries
March 2017 The number of users reaches 600,000 accounts
April 2017 E-Dinar Coin White Paper has been published
May 2017 Connecting trading platforms to the payment system via the EDC wallets
June 2017 Creating SmartCoin based on E-Dinar Coin blockchain
July 2017 Integration of production based on Asic
August 2017 Creation of the “Blockchain school” training system
September 2017 Transaction volume increased up to 1,000,000 USD
October 2017 Launch of the development of Asset Management System based on E-Dinar Coin
November 2017 Release of the first Smart Contract based on E-Dinar Coin blockchain
December 2017 Opening of the service “Generator of startups”
January 2018 The total number of accounts exceeds 1,500,000
2017-2018 Consistent actions help increase capitalization by 4 times