Representatives of the EDC Blockchain Platform Invited to Take Part at TOKEN 2049


The largest event in Asia dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry, TOKEN 2049, will start in 5 days.

Dozens of speakers will give a speech in front of the representatives of more than 30 countries at a two-day conference in Hong Kong.

Among the headliners, there will be such outstanding people as Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, Justin San, the founder, and CEO of the Tron project, Hongfei Da, the creator of NEO, and many other participants of the crypto industry.

Crypto pioneers, authoritative opinion leaders, influential creators of leading crypto-projects will share their knowledge and best practices.

The global media, representatives of financial regulators and high-ranking officials from different countries will also attend the event.

The management team of the EDC Blockchain project is also on the list, as the opportunities for networking at such an event cannot be overestimated.

During the event, representatives of the EDC Blockchain platform will hold several meetings where they will be able to present updates and new products of the platform to interested parties, as well as they will exchange experiences, ideas, plans and their vision for the development of a cryptocurrency ecosystem throughout the world.

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