New Currency Pair EDR / USDT to Be Available on IDAX from December 8th


Dear users!

Starting from tomorrow, the new currency pair EDR/USDT will be available on IDAX cryptoexchange, which is in the TOP-15 of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. According to official data, the Edinarcoin and USDT trading pair will be added on December 8th at 2 pm (GMT + 8).

All users will be able to convert their funds into Edinarcoin even more conveniently and quickly, thereby preserving and multiplying their assets against the background of the stagnation of the cryptocurrency market. Edinarcoin is an independent payment cryptosystem that strengthens its rate thanks to trusting within the community and seeks to correspond to the most convenient form of exchange of resources between people.

As a reminder, trading Edinarcoin paired with Bitcoin has started on IDAX in the previous month.

Register on the IDAX official website and don’t miss your chance to start trading Edinarcoin one of the first!

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