Partnership Removes Obstacles: Trading Without Commission


October was the most successful month for EDR traders this year. Due to the growing interest of investors in Edinarcoin, the company together with the Exrates platform have announced their cooperation. The partners, in close cooperation, have formed the following conditions for the most profitable trading at Exrates:

– No commission fees for EDR traders, both when buying and selling with EDR/BTC, EDR/USD, EDR/CNY, EDR/IDR, EDR/BCH pairs
– 0% commission when depositing/ withdrawing EDR
– Instant deposit and withdrawal of EDR from the exchange
– Reduction of the withdrawal minimum to 1 EDR

As a result, the exchange and trading of EDR on more attractive terms is encouraging many traders to turn their attention to the Exrates crypto exchange, therefore, since the beginning of the month the trading volume has exceeded 5 million EDR and it continues increasing steadily.

As a reminder, the cost of Edinarcoin cryptocurrency has increased by 350% within the last six weeks and stands at about $0.015043 per coin, according to CoinMarketCap.

The price of the coin on the crypto exchanges where Edinarcoin is traded with such currency pairs EDR/BTC, EDR/USD, has exceeded $0,015000, bringing its market capitalization closer to $13 331 207 USD.

The most active growth period was observed on October 26th, 2018, where the maximum daily cost of Edinarcoin was 0.00000310 BTC on the Yobit exchange.

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