How Does Edinarcoin Mining Work and How Can I Accrue Daily Interest Amounting to 0.65%? ⠀


Edinarcoin like any other decentralized cryptocurrency doesn’t have a single data center. Nevertheless, all the operations, that you make within E-DinarCoin system, are being processed, verified and fixed by blockchain.

Delegates and Witnesses perform this function if it concerns DPOs. The mechanism of Proof of Stake is based on the need of storage proof of a certain amount of funds in the account. If you use this method, the cryptocurrency algorithm allocates new units obtained in proportion to the current balance on your wallet, according to the specified algorithms.

Thus, obtained coins are transmitted to the wallets of the members who are the most loyal to Edinarcoin. The interest of the daily distribution amounts to 0.65% to the current balance of your wallet.

Your Edinarcoin Team!

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