New Edinarcoin Community Initiates Activities in Mexico


Dear friends!

We would like to share the great news with you! The rate of the Edinarcoin cryptocurrency is increasing, and our team has found a high level of interest among users and investors in Mexico. Thanks to joint efforts, a new young Edinarcoin community was formed, which has already initiated activities and has directed all its actions to the development of cryptocurrency throughout the country!

According to official data that are available on the Edinarcoin platform in open access, at the beginning of 2019, the number of participants who decided to invest in EDR (EDC) almost doubled and already exceeds 1 million users. According to our team analysts, by the end of this year, we will be able to achieve even more positive growth dynamics of Edinarcoin thanks to the development of our balanced community around the world!

With this support, a well-thought-out marketing plan and the successful implementation of innovations, including the constructor of coins based on the EDC blockchain and the switch to the LPOS mining algorithm, Edinarcoin is attracting more crypto users and enthusiasts to invest in their community without any difficulties. After all, we offer all the best that is in the digital world – everyone can keep Edinarcoin in their wallet, pay with cryptocurrency, buy cryptocurrency, express their opinion in social networks and earn money!

We present you a new video about our Mexican community, which is available to anyone to join. Together we can achieve a lot! Viva Mexico!

More detailed information about Edinarcoin seminars and events in Mexico will be available soon.

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