Edinarcoin’s Rating on CoinMarketCap Increases In Spite of the Dominance of the Crypto Bear Market


Dear participants!

Despite the current bear market dominance which has negatively affected cryptocurrency rates, the Edinarcoin popularization process is taking place rapidly, allowing EDR to win over the world’s community. This is confirmed by the fact that Edinarcoin has increased trading volumes on existing exchanges and has risen in its rating on the world-famous source of information on cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap.

Edinarcoin is a cryptocurrency that belongs to a new class of assets, and serves as a community’s widely used exchange-equivalent that does not depend on external and internal regulators, and is completely free from manipulation on the cryptomarket and from being tied to Bitcoin.

The creation of the Edinarcoin Foundation, the first holder of masternodes, is one of the biggest events to take place in the crypto community. After switching to the LPoS mining algorithm, each user will be able to become part of the foundation and be a holder of the share by owning the foundation’s token created using the Edinarcoin blockchain. By leasing their coins to the foundation, users will help to mine Edinarcoin, bringing profit to all participants of the foundation! In this regard, EDR will be implemented into the real business sector, which will help not only to support its liquidity but also to expand the scope of acceptance of the cryptocurrency, making Edinarcoin a very powerful investment tool!

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