Edinarcoin Seminar to Be Held in Balikesir, Turkey


Dear participants!

We invite you to a seminar on Edinarcoin cryptocurrency which will be held in Balikesir, Turkey, on December 2nd, 2018.

The topics of the programme will be as follows:

1. The conditions of the cryptocurrency market
2. EDR news:
a) restoration of work on Yobit, updates on Exrates and Localtrade
b) Mobile wallets for IOS, Android – the fastest transactions with EDR
3) prospects for EDR development:
a) connecting your business to accept EDR (Asian e-tao, Turkish ADmanager)
b) mass adoption: the launch of training schools for beginners, as well as webinars and presentations
d) the announcement of the constructor for the release of tokens based on the EDR blockchain, the ICO, as well as the announcement of the EDR masternode

Speaker: Ilhan Aksu

Address: Veranda Cafe Kuvai Milli Mahallesi, 196. Sk., 10030 Balıkesir Merkez/Balıkesir

Starts at: 7pm

Contact phone: +9 05457920928

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