Edinarcoin Is a Game Changer!  The Constructor of Coins Based on the Edinar Blockchain


Are you creating a startup? Or you have a ready-made project and you need a cryptocurrency for settlements between participants? If you want to earn by selling digital money, create a token or you have other goals for creating cryptocurrency – the Edinar company has a solution for you – a constructor of coins based on the Edinar blockchain. This is a unique and simple tool that is now available to everyone. Everyone can create tokens to attract investments via Edinarcoin. The developers announced the launch of the constructor in January 2019!

Why is this kind of product more relevant right now than ever? In 2018, the cryptocurrency market underwent serious changes, as well as the ICO market was particularly affected. Due to a large number of “unscrupulous” projects, many investors have lost their money. The market rolled down and, of course, made Ethereum drop, on the algorithm of which 95% of the initial placement of coins was launched and conducted. Ethereum has seriously lost in value and, accordingly, in capitalization. A large number of coins were sold, which also immediately affected the rate.

Now, the rules of the game have changed and Edinarcoin comes to the fore! This is a simple and smart solution for cryptocurrency creation.

Edinarcoin is based on the BitShares blockchain platform and on the Graphene 2.0 technology. The technical characteristics of this platform imply up to 10,000 transactions per second, the formation of a new unit takes only 3 seconds, commission for payments is zero, as well as you can have the ability to work with several tokens at the same time. In fact, BitShares is the only blockchain system with an industrial level of performance sufficient for large socio-economic systems to operate.

The EOS platform, a relatively young but one of the most successful crypto projects, went along this technological path. At the moment of writing the article, its cryptocurrency is in 5th place in terms of capitalization!

The system on which the Edinar blockchain is based has long been proven to be the fastest and safest. And it has been successfully working for years.

Edinarcoin, unlike EOS, did not conduct an ICO but promoted itself through expanding its community. Therefore, over 1 million people from China and Southeast Asia have joined the project.

With Edinar constructor of coins, you no longer need powerful computing technology, as a special code will reliably protect your digital assets and investors will have free access to the currency with the help of a “client” and a wallet. Thus, the Edinar company will help you with listing on partner exchanges around the world. The advantages of the platform are endless, while the most obvious ones are the savings on programmers and hosting.

The platform offers users ready-made package solutions for creating cryptocurrency. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the packages:

– Package “Basic”. You can create a coin, give it a symbol and a description. The characteristics included in this package make it possible to create a nominal token or a token for a small turnover.

– Package “Plus”. It gives you the opportunity to change the emission number, premining and set the characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol and description.

– Package “Premium”. You will have the opportunity to create a full-fledged cryptocurrency with the PoS mining algorithm, fully configure all the characteristics, as well as set all the necessary parameters! This is an advanced solution for serious projects.

The platform for creating individual cryptocurrency via Edinar has a clear and user-friendly interface. For this constructor, you will not need instruction, as the program sends and gives hints for user settings. It performs itself everything regarding complex programming.

Despite the inconsistency of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, it is clear to everyone that the blockchain is an invention that will change the world. The Edinar company is already actively introducing advanced technologies and makes blockchain-based products available to everyone!

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