Edinarcoin Announces the Continuation of New Year’s AirDrop on Updated Terms and Gives a Prize of +1000 EDC!


Dear users!

We would like to inform you that today the distribution of free Edinarcoin tokens has been successfully completed, and we congratulate all those who participated in the promotion. Based on the received information, we found out that the majority of participants either did not correctly complete the tasks of the competition or made a repost incorrectly, at the same time, most of the links turned out to be inoperative or not leading to the participants’ social network pages, as well as fake accounts were found out. Due to this, in order to receive your coins, we are kindly asking all participants to pass the verification process in your accounts. After successful confirmation of verification, each user who has fulfilled this condition will be rewarded with Edinarcoin in the amount of 1000 EDC!

As a reminder, you can take part in our partner project Bitsocial and receive EDR as a reward on an ongoing basis!

Earn with Edinarcoin and stay tuned for more promotions about upcoming Edinarcoin updates!

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