Announcement: E-Dinar Coin Workshop in East London, the Republic of South Africa 11/16/2016


Dear members!

November 16, 2016, a training workshop of E-Dinar Coin will be held in East London (South Africa), where you will learn about the role and powerful influence of cryptocurrency on the financial markets, receive the most interesting information about the method of protection of modern blockchain technology, as well as about all the features of our system to fulfill your financial ideas!

Join us and take part in a tutorial discussion!

Date: 11/16/2016

Time: 16pm -19pm

Venue: 51 Paterson Street, Arcadia, East London, SA

Speaker: Sipho Njiva

For more information, please contact us 078 642 49 26

E-Dinar Coin community is successfully developed in the largest cities of South Africa, thereby, it attracts the attention of the biggest investors, participants, leaders and residents who attend conferences and seminars on the decentralized cryptocurrency!

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