Coffee Talk with Metro Exchanger from the Cities of Indonesia: New Round of Cryptocurrency Development for E-Dinar Coin Users


Despite the fact that various cryptocurrency rumors occur around the financial market of Indonesia that the central bank is struggling to limit the use of cryptocurrency by the local population in every possible way, the blockchain community of the country with thousands of islands is not going to surrender.

Like the team of our partner – Metro Exchanger.
From the beginning of November, Metro Exchanger is laying a new cryptocurrency path through the cities of Indonesia, elaborating to people about blockchain, electronic money, and opportunities of E-Dinar Coin use. After a series negotiations and coffee talks with cryptocurrency users and regional leaders, the Metro Exchanger team strengthened its desire to develop

E-Dinar Coin in the Indonesian market as the fastest and safest cryptocurrency, and therefore the most convenient one available in the local market.
Coffee Talk meetings from Metro Exchanger, organized in cooperation with E-Dinar Coin, can be held in your city.

For this purpose, you can contact the exchanger by phone (WA only):

+62 852 3567408 (Bapak Cak Bas)

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