E-dinar is a fully decentralized payment system based on blockchain technology: open source financial network. The deficiencies of bitcoin related to 51% of computing power are remediated by the usage of dpos (delegated proof of stake).


Unique cryptocurrency E-DINAR COIN aims to change the world for the better, move from the monopoly of the financial institutions to a decentralized system of resource-based relations which will use the cryptocurrency and have no boundaries and limitations and will be available at any point of the world.

E-Dinar will invest a part of its income in the development of the new urban projects that are aimed at providing the city with clean water and fresh air.

According to the sacred tradition of the Sunnah, Dinar is destined to play a very significant role in the history of mankind: the weight of righteousness in the human hearts will be measured in Dinars defining their way on the Day of Judgment because Dinar is a measure of human dignity.

E-DINAR plans to issue 999 trillion coins. By that time the community will expand to 1 billion participants.